There lived a king and a queen who wanted a baby. They prayed hard and God finally rewarded them a baby boy. Unfortunately, the baby was born with the head of a donkey. Yet he was well loved because of his sweet nature.

One day, the young prince went to the forest and saw his reflection in a lake. He was very sad, and without telling anyone, left the kingdom. He travelled the world and came to a distant kingdom. Hearing his melodious voice the king of that land made him his court musician. Everyone, even the princess of this king­dom, loved him. She wanted to marry him. The king agreed and celebrated their wedding with great fanfare. At night, when the princess kissed the donkey’s head, it fell off from the prince’s body. The true love of the princess had bro­ken the spell. And a hand­some prince stood in front of the princess. They were very happy and lived happily ever after.

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