Traitors Meet With A Sad End Traitors Meet With A Sad End

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Some dogs were guarding a flock of sheep when a wolf appeared on the scene. They became alert and began to bark at him. The wolf could not dare to go further. But he was very clever and cunning. He approached the dogs and said, “We belong to the same family. That is why we are very much like each other. The only difference between us is that we wolves are free while you are slaves to your masters. Let us forget our enmity and become friends.”

The dogs looked at each other and nodded. Seeing his clever idea work well, the wolf further said, “Accompany me to the forest ; all the wolves will welcome you warmly.”

Leaving the flock unguarded, the dogs accompanied the wolf who took them to a den of wolves. No sooner did the dogs get in than the wolves fell upon them and tore them to pieces. Soon they reached where the unguarded flock was grazing. They killed the sheep and ate them up. Unfaithfulness never pays.

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