Times —Lucky and Unlucky

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A stag, which lived in a jungle, decided to go for an outing with his family to another forest. The stag and his family enjoyed the new jungle, which had thick bushes and trees. There- was plenty to eat for all of them.

All of a sudden, the antlers of the stag got caught in the overhanging branches of a tree. The stag struggled hard, but could not free himself. His wife and baby kept on watching helplessly

The stag thought, “Everything was fine till now. Now, I am stuck. We won’t be able to reach our home until I have my antlers free. How unlucky I am! We came here for having a good time, but I think this is the worst period of my life.”

The stag struggled for some more time but i was exhausted. He finally gave up and kept standing there helplessly. The three of them had to spend the whole night like this. The stag kept cursing his fate.

The next morning, a woodcutter who came along saw the stag with his antlers entangled with the branches. He quickly understood the situation, and took pity on the stag. Soon, the woodcutter cut down the branches of the tree and set the stag free.

The stag thanked the woodcutter and rushed back home with his family on reaching home he was shocked to. Learn that a pack of lions had attacked their area, the previous day. Many lives were lost. Some of the dose friends of the stag were also killed.

Within the flash of a second, the stag realized that he and his family were saved because his antlers had got caught in the branches. The moments which he considered to be the life turned out to be the worst period of his life turned out to be the most fortunate for him. He thanked God for having saved his life.


Good luck and bad luck are creations of our mind. What we consider as “The worst period of our life” might turn out to be “The best period of our fife”. Welcome the adversities of life with a smile!

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