Time Travellers

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It was a fine sunny morning and Katie. Sam and Steve were oil their way to school. Suddenly, Steve’s dog darted in front of them. -Booww-Whooww!” “Oh no!” cried Steve, “Bennie is out of home again!” The children ran after Bennie. They were running so hard that they did not see the big hole. Thud! Thump!! All three children toppled into the hole and twirled down and down and landed inside it with a loud noise!

“Where are we, there’s sand all around here?” asked Katie anxiously.

“Look! Aren’t those the pyramids?” said Sam.

“That means we are in Egypt!” cried a surprised Steve.

They walked through a desert steeped in yellow colour sand and came to a place where many people were building a                pyramid. “But the pyramids were built thousands of years ago!”               said Katie. They had indeed travelled to the past!

“Who are You?” cried a soft voice. The children turned around and saw a funny little boy. He was wearing a white cloth like a skirt instead of trousers. His hair was long and black.

“We are travellers,” said Sam. “Who are you?” asked Katie curiously.

“My name is Ramses and I am a the young prince of this great land.” said the boy. “Come to my palace and have lunch with me. You must be tired,” he smiled.

Off they went to Ramses’ palace. It was made of gold and had beautiful stone carvings on its walls. Ramses’ sister, Osi, welcomed them into their grand palace with a warm smile and presented the three little guests some lovely white flowers. Breathing in the beautiful fragrance of the flowers. all three fell into a deep sleep!

When they awoke, they were lying on their school lawn. -Were we dreaming?” asked Steve. Sam pointed to the flowers and said. “No, we were really travelling in time!”

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