Three Surgeons

Once there were three surgeons who thought they knew their job perfectly.

One day, they were travelling and came to an inn where they decided to spend the night. The innkeeper asked them who they were and challenged them to prove their skills. The surgeons decided to take out an organ each, and put it in again the next morning. The innkeeper was puzzled. Actually, the surgeons had special glue, which when rubbed, joined parts together. One surgeon cut off his hand, the other cut his eye, while another took his heart out. The innkeeper instructed his maid to kept the three organs in the cupboard.

At night, the maid unknowingly left the cupboard open while she was serving her husband dinner. A cat came and took the organs away. The maid was terrified and her husband hurriedly replaced the organs with a thief’s hand, a pig’s heart, and a cat’s eye.

The next day, the surgeons fixed the organs in their bodies. They found that the man with the pig’s heart only stuck to dirty places. The one with the thief’s hand stole a man’s purse and the one with the cat’s eye constantly twitched his eyes. When they realised the mistake they went back to the inn and confronted the innkeeper. The maid saw them and fled. The surgeons angrily demanded money from the innkeeper who was so frightened that he gave them all he had.

The surgeons were very rich now but they knew that money could not replace what they had lost.

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