Three Jolly Fishermen

Three jolly fishermen went out to sea on a boat. They loved music. So, whenever they went out to fish, they would sing different songs depending on the mood of the sea. If the sea was calm, they would sing quiet lullabies but when the boat moved up and down they sang merry songs. When stormy winds blew over the sea and the waves crashed at the boat, they sang loud opera.

But the fishermen were never able to catch any fish. And do you want to know the reason why? Whenever the fishermen sang, they made such a noise that the fish would hear them and hide under their boat. So, the fishermen never caught any fish.

Soon, the fish too joined the three fishermen by singing along. All the fishes and lobsters and crabs were so busy singing and learning new songs that they never got caught. Thus, they were saved from landing on plates for dinner!

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