Thirteenth was the youngest of thirteen brothers. There lived a monster in the forest nearby. One day, the king announced that whoever would bring the monster’s blanket would be rewarded. Thirteenth went to the monster’s house and found him sleeping. He pulled the blanket and ran back. He gave the quilt to the king and was well rewarded.

The king then announced that whoever brought the monster would marry the princess. Thirteenth disguised himself as a monk and went to the monster with a cage. He said, “I want to catch that boy Thirteenth in this cage.” The monster said, “I will help you because he stole my blanket.” The monk said, “I don’t know if Thirteenth will fit in this cage. Let us see if you fit in the cage because if you can, so can Thirteenth.” The monster agreed and entered the cage. Thirteenth locked the cage and took him to the king. The king was very pleased and married him to the princess.

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