There’s Something in the Lake!

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One evening, a donkey, a deer and a beaver were swimming together in a small lake. It had been a while since they had been swimming. Now it was getting dark. Suddenly the deer shouted, “Something bit me, I think there is something in the water, let’s get out.” The donkey also felt and a slight pull on his tail and shouted, “Oh!   ‘I think there is a monster in this lake, let’s get out!” The beaver too felt a nip on his tail. He added, “Friends, this lake is haunted!” And they all got out of the water. When all three had left, a naughty bear swam out of the lake from the far corner. He chuckled aloud to himself, “Ha! Ha! Ha! It was fun scaring them.” After that evening, whenever the bear saw these three together, he always smiled to himself.

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