The Wooden Calf

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Once a man made a calf out of wood. The wooden calf could move its tail and head and almost looked like a real calf. The man was silly enough to think that the calf would become big one day. He told a shepherd to take it to graze.

He asked the shepherd to carry the calf to the meadow as it was too small to walk on its own. The shepherd was also foolish. He put the calf with the other cows out on the grass.

In the evening, when the calf was nowhere to be seen, the shepherd thought that it must have walked back on its own and came back empty-handed. The owner was very angry and blamed the shepherd for losing his calf.

The matter was taken to the judge and the judge gave his decision in favour of the owner. The shepherd was asked to give him a cow as compensation for losing the wooden calf. That’s how a wooden calf became a real cow.

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