The Wood Fairy

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A cheerful little girl named Betushka lived with her poor mother in a small cottage. Every day, she took the goats to graze. Her mother would put an empty spindle in her bag and Betushka would spin while watching the goats. At midday, she would dance and sing merrily and in the evening she returned home with the spindle full of flaxen thread.

One spring day, when Betushka was about to dance, a beautiful maiden appeared suddenly in front of her. This maiden was the Wood Fairy. She asked Betushka to dance with her and both of them danced away till evening. Betushka forgot her spinning but when she reached home, she did not tell her mother about the lovely maiden.

The next day, Betushka decided that she would not dance but would finish her spinning. But when she heard the maiden’s voice, she could not stop herself from dancing. The fairy finished the spinning for Betushka. The next day when Betushka was returning home, the fairy told her not to look inside her bag till she reached home. But Betushka was very curious to see what was inside. She was very disappointed to see that there were only dry birch leaves inside. In anger, she threw away some of them.

When Betushka returned home and her mother saw the bag, she was surprised to see that there was gold inside. Betushka told her all about the fairy. Now their days of poverty were over. They bought a farm with a garden and cows and Betushka wore lovely dresses and no longer grazed goats.

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