The Wonderful Veil

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A farmer lived in a hut near the woods. Though he was poor, he was very happy because the beauty of nature around him was more precious to him then wealth.

One day, the fanner smelled a sweet fragrance coming from the woods. He followed it and saw a beautiful veil caught in the branches of a tree. The veil was more beautiful than anything he had ever seen before. It was woven with sunlight and moonbeams and studded all over with stars. But the moment he removed the veil from the tree, a fairy appeared and said, “This veil belongs to me! I can’t go to fairyland without it. Please give it back to me.” The farmer said, “You can have your veil but you will have to dance for me the way only fairies know how to.”

The fairy agreed and danced with the veil swirling around her. Thousands of flowers fell from the veil and the farmer was happier than ever before.

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