The Wolf and the Seven Kids

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Once there lived a goat with her seven kids. A big bad wolf lived near their house and always tried to catch the little kids. One day, the goat had to go out. She said to the kids, “Do not let anyone in, especially the wolf.”

After she left, the wolf came and knocked on the door and said, “Let me in!” But the kids recognised his rough voice and refused to open the door. After a while, the wolf came again and knocked on the door. This time he spoke softly but the kids asked him to show his paws. When they saw his black paws on the windowsill they knew it was the wolf and did not let him in.

So, the wolf went to the baker and put some white flour on his paws. When he knocked on the door the third time, the kids saw the white paws and thought it was their mother.

As soon as they opened the door, the wolf gobbled up all the kids except for the youngest kid. “Momma, the wicked wolf has gobbled all my brothers!” sobbed the youngest kid when the goat came home. “I will teach that wolf a lesson,” said the angry goat. She went to the sleeping wolf and cut his stomach. Out sprang all the six kids. They filled the wolf’s stomach with stones and sewed him up.

When the wolf woke up and went to the well to drink water, the weight of the stones pulled him into the well and he was drowned.

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