Short Stories Bedtime Stories The Witch and the Painted Helicopter

The Witch and the Painted Helicopter

Froggy Witch woke up one morning and heard a nagging drone. It was Bob the pilot. flying his red helicopter. “Stop flying here.” screamed Froggy. “No way, this is my flying zone,” snapped Bob. ‘Abracadabra!” Froggy angrily waved her magic wand. And lo! the helicopter landed on the ground. Bob rushed home and brought many colourful paints. He swept green paint all overthe helicopter. Then he added some purple dots too! “He, he, he,” laughed Froggy as she feed the watched the effects of her magic. Bob changed the colours of the helicopter—blue, yellow, orange, black! It had all the colours now. “People will laugh at his helicopter,- thought Froggy as she swung her wand and made Bob steer his helicopter high into the skies. Happy that she had taught him a lesson. Froggy removed her magic spell. But lo! The wind blew away all the wet paint and Bob’s helicopter was red again!

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