The Wise Owl

A large group of owls came to settle in a jungle. The jungle was full of green and lively trees. They were free to pick a tree of their choice to build their homes.
The young owls chose a green and well-built tree for themselves. There was an old owl in their group, who was forced by others to choose an old and half-dead tree. The old owl had to remain satisfied with his share.
Days went by. The young owls would often feel proud at their selection of trees and would tease the old owl,” Oh, you poor guy! You could not find a lively and green tree. You have got a dry and half-dead tree. You are very unlucky indeed.” But the old owl was wise. He would silently smile at their remarks. At times lie would reply, “Who knows whether you are lucky or I am lucky!” The young owls would, however, merely laugh at him.
One day, a large number of woodcutters came to the jungle in search of wood. The lively and green trees fascinated them. So, they started felling them with their sharp axes.
The young owls all started malting a loud noise when they saw their homes getting destroyed. But, they could not do anything and kept watching helplessly.
When the woodcutters looked at the old and half-dead tree, they said, “Oh! This is a dry tree. It is of no use to us, as it won’t provide us enough wood. Why waste our time on it?” So, they went away, leaving the old and half- dead tree untouched.
The old owl’s nest was spared.

At times, a curse can be a blessing!

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