The Wise Investment

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In a village, there lived two friends, Tom and Jerry. Tom was not very wise. Jerry possessed good wisdom.

One day, the two set out for the market in the nearby village to do some shopping. On reaching the market place, they were delighted to see the items for sale on display, There were sweets, clothes, utensils, toys, birds and pets on sale.

As they moved about, they caught sight of parrots. The two decided to buy some parrots, as they were very fond of birds.

They enquired about the price from the seller. The seller said, “These parrots are rupees fifty each, and those others are rupees five thousand each”.

The two friends asked the seller, “Why this difference in the prices?

The seller replied,” The ones the cost rupees fifty each are not Wise. They can’t be taught Or trained to do anything. The costlier ones are wise, and can learn many things.”

Tom, who was not very wise, decided to buy ten of the cheaper parrots , while Jerry, the wiser one, decided to buy just one parrot of the costlier variety.

Tom said to Jerry, “Don’t be a fool. This one parrot will cost you rupees five thousand, while ten of the cheaper parrots will cost you rupees five hundred only! If you buy the cheaper variety, you will not only have more parrots, but will also save some handsome amount of money!

Jerry listened to Tom patiently and simply smiled, without saying anything. The two, then, made their purchases and left.

The next day, Jerry started teaching his parrot. Soon, his parrot, a wise fellow, was well trained. On the other hand, Tom tried hard to teach his parrots, but they would not learn anything.

One day, Jerry let his parrot fly away. After a few hours, his parrot, the wise one, returned with the ten parrots of Tom. Tom had lost all his parrots.

Jerry had eleven parrots now, whereas Tom was left with none.


One wise investment is better than ten foolish investments. Wise investments fetch good fortune while unwise investments bring misfortune.

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