The Wise Are Seldom Taken In

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There were a large number of birds in an aviary. They were well protected there. Unluckily, an infectious disease broke out in the aviary. As a result, most of the birds fell ill.

The keeper felt anxious and went looking for a doctor. While he was enquiring about a doctor, a cat overheard his talk. Thus she came to know that the birds in the aviary were unwell.

Wicked as she was, the cat started making plans to reach the aviary somehow or other. Once inside, she could easily kill many of the birds and eat them up. Thinking hard, she decided to gain entry into the aviary as a doctor and do her job. So, she disguised herself as a doctor. Taking a chest of medicines, she approached the aviary door.

“How are you all, friends? I have come to cure you. Here are the medicines for your treatment,” said the wicked cat.

“We are quite OK, Miss, and need no nursing at all. Be kind enough to leave us alone,” said the birds.

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