The Wicked Prince

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There was once a wicked prince who made the people of his own kingdom suffer and took all their wealth for himself. No one liked the prince.

One day, he decided to put up his own statue in the church. When the priests refused to fulfil his wish, the prince decided to challenge God himself. He flew towards the heavens in his flying ship, which was fitted with guns and a hundred eagles.

When God saw the evil prince, he sent an angel to stop him. However, the wicked prince shot an arrow and killed the angel. But a drop of blood fell from the angel’s body onto the ship, causing it to crash.

However, the prince was unhurt and once again gathered his armies to fight God.

This time God sent one little gnat, which buzzed around the prince and finally stung him. Unable to bear the pain the prince went mad. The people were happy to be free of the wicked prince.

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