The White Snake

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A man used to eat a strange dish after dinner every day. His servant noticed it and became curious. One day he peeped into the dish. To his astonishment, he found a white snake! He took a bite to taste it. Lo! He found that he could now understand the language of animals. It was the snake which had given him this power.

One day, while passing a river, he heard some fishes crying out for help. They were trapped. He was a kind man and rescued them. The grateful fishes promised him their help whenever he should require it.

One day, the princess lost her ring in the river. The king announced that he would marry his daughter to anyone who recovered her ring. The servant took on the challenge and was about to jump into the river when three fishes popped out. They offered to recover the ring for him. The ring was recovered and the servant married the princess.

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