The White and the Black Bride

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A woman, her daughter and her stepdaughter were cutting fodder. God decided to test them and came in the form of an old man. He asked them the way. The woman and her daughter refused to help but the stepdaughter helped him. God cursed the woman and her daughter to become as dark as night. He made the stepdaughter as fair as day.

The fair maiden’s brother, Reginer, was a coachman. He painted her picture on his coach. One day, the king saw her picture and wished to marry her. When the dark woman and her daughter heard this, they became jealous and pushed the fair maiden in a river where she turned into a swan.

One day, the swan was swimming in the river by the palace. As soon as she reached the palace, she was transformed back into the fair maiden. She told the king everything. The king married her and punished the mother and daughter.

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