The Water of Life

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A king had three sons. Once when lie fell ill, the sons were anxious to cure him. An old man told them, “Search for the water of life. It will cure the ailment.”

The sons set out in search of the water. On their way, they met a dwarf. “Where are you going?” asked the dwarf. The first two princes went away without answering him. But the youngest prince told the dwarf that they were searching for the water of life. The dwarf instructed him, “Strike open the door of the castle ahead with this magic wand and feed the lions of the castle. You will find what you seek. Henceforth you shall wipe out all wars and all famines with this magic wand. But beware of your brothers for they shall harm you.” The prince did as he was told and found the cup of water.

The prince met his brothers and told them about the water of life. They came across a kingdom plagued with war and famine. The prince waved his magic wand and peace returned to the kingdom at once. The brothers were jealous and at night, when the prince fell asleep they exchanged the water with some seawater.

Then they took the water of life to their father and his condition improved. They also influenced him to believe that the youngest prince had planned to kill his father. He was thrown out of the country.

One day, the people of the peaceful kingdom came searching for the prince to thank him. When the king heard the truth, he wept for his mistake. He sent out armies to search for his son and soon was reunited. He banished the older brothers.

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