The Village Jester

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Ayoung man, who did not do any work, lived in the countryside. He used to just amuse the townsfolk and make them laugh. So, he was very popular among the people as a jester.

In those days, the only mode of transport was carriages drawn by horses.

One day, the Jester wanted to play a trick on his simple friends and neighbours. He also wanted to make a little money from the show.

The Jester advertised that, on a certain day, he would show everyone a wheel-carriage. This was a special wheel- carriage which did not need horses. All the country folk could not think beyond their simple imagination. The people were very curious and wanted to find out what this could be.

On the day of the show, all the country folk lined up to take turns to see this marvellous wheel-carriage without a horse.

Alas! They saw that the Jester had a wheelbarrow before him, The people were very embarrassed. They whispered to each other that they had seen a wheelbarrow! They were very annoyed that they had been so easily fooled!

Use your common sense or you will be fooled.

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