The Two Goats

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Long ago, there lived two Goats. One had curly  horns. The other had straight horns. They looked for fresh grass, which shepherds had not used for their sheep. The Goats were never afraid to cross high mountains or streams.

One day, the Goats went to find grass, each in one direction. Both found lovely fresh meadows. The Curly-

horn Goat wanted to tell his friend about his meadow. The Straight-horn Goat, too, wanted to do the same. They started to look for the other.

Suddenly, the Curly-horn Goat saw a rushing stream, with a narrow bridge across it. He began to cross the bridge.

Just then, the Straight-horn Goat also reached the same stream, from the other side. He also saw the narrow bridge and stepped on it.

Suddenly, both the Goats looked up. They saw each other!

Now, the bridge was too narrow for both the Goats to cross at the same time. One Goat had to go back for the other to pass! But both the Goats stood firm. Each Goat wanted the other to move back.

They started nudging each other, quite hard. Sadly, they both fell into the stream and drowned.

Be kind and give others a chance.

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