The Two Candles

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Once a wax candle and a tallow candle were having a conversation. The wax candle was very vain and boasted, “I will be placed in a silver candle stand at tonight’s party.” The tallow candle answered, “It is certainly better to be made of wax than of tallow but I am happy that I burn in the kitchen where food is cooked.”

Suddenly, a rich lady came and picked up all the candles. Seeing the tallow candle along with the wax candle, the lady gave it to a poor boy who was passing by.

The poor boy took the tallow candle home. Seeing the small cottage. the tallow candle thought, “How lucky the wax candle is to be in its rich home.”

Meanwhile, the mother lit the tallow candle. One of the children said, “Oh, we have light in the house today!” The tallow candle saw the joy in his eyes and was happy to be in the cottage and did not envy the wax candle again.

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