The Two Bears in the Sky

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There once lived a good giant in a village. He was hardworking and did the work of a dozen people. He used to help the villagers in their work. One day two bears, one male and one female, came to the village.

The people were frightened and ran to the giant for help. The giant ran to the place where the bears were frightening an old woman. The giant caught hold of the male bear and hurled him into the sky and he was suspended there. He did the same to the female bear, but being lighter, she went higher up than the male bear. The bears were separated from each other

The female bear called out to the male bear, “Come here!” The male bear replied, “No, you come here.”

Ever since, the two bears have been arguing as to who will go to whom. When you look up into the night sky you can still see two constellations, “The Great Bear” and “The Little Bear.”

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