The Turtle and the Lizard

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Once a turtle and a lizard went to steal some ginger from a house. The owner of the house chased the animals with a stick. The lizard scurried away to a secure place leaving the turtle behind. Finally, the turtle managed to find a coconut shell and saved himself from the owner. Unable to find the animals, the man left.

Next, the turtle showed the lizard a honeycomb. Once again the greedy lizard ran ahead of his friend to grab the first bite but he did not see the bees near the honeycomb. After being attacked by the bees, the lizard howled in pain and came to his friend for help. Now the turtle understood how greedy the lizard was. So he showed him a trap and said that it was a silver necklace that his grandfather had gifted him. This time too, the lizard ran ahead to grab it, but got trapped instead. It begged the turtle to set him free but the turtle wanted to punish the lizard and refused to do so. The lizard learnt his lesson.

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