The Turquoise Fairy

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One day on his way home, Pinocchio met a fox and a cat who wanted to steal his money. They told him that they would show him a meadow the next day where, if he planted his money, one gold coin would grow into a tree full of coins. They stayed at an inn overnight but when Pinocchio awoke in the morning he found them gone. He set off for home once again. Disguised as bandits, they caught him on the road and tied him up but a good fairy came to his rescue.

The Turquoise Fairy as she was known, took Pinocchio to her castle. When she asked him where the gold coins were Pinocchio lied and said he had lost them though they were in his pocket. To his horror his nose started growing longer. The fairy laughed and made his nose go back to its usual size.

“Now don’t tell a lie again or it will grow long,” she warned.

“I promise,” said Pinocchio. He hugged the fairy gratefully and returned to Gepetto.

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