The Tulip Fairies

Catrina loved her garden and was very proud of all the flowers. She also had a beauti­ful bed of tulips in her garden. She watered the garden every day and carefully pulled out weeds that she saw growing. One night she awoke to sounds of lullabies and gur­gling babies. She went to her window but could see nothing. The next night she heard the sounds again. This time, she softly crept out to her garden and her eyes widened inamazement. Standing beside each tulip was a fairy mother and inside each tulip-cup was a baby. The babies were laughing and playing as their mothers rocked their tulip beds and tried to sing them to sleep.

From that day on the woman never plucked a tulip or let anyone else touch them. The tulips grew brighter and were in bloom throughout the year. Many people came to see the tulips but the fairies who dwelled there were Catrina’s own secret.

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