The Tree with Agate Beads

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One day, a man and his dog went to hunt in the woods. There the man shot an arrow at a beautiful deer but the animal quickly escaped into a cave.

The man followed the animal into the dark cave. The animal went deeper and deeper into the cave and the man followed. Soon he realised that he was hopelessly lost and couldn’t find his way out. A while later, he heard his dog barking. Following the sound, he felt his way in the darkness. His hands touched a tree, which seemed to have berries on it. When the man broke off a branch, the tree began to talk! The frightened man ran out as fast as he could. Outside, he discovered that the berries on the branch were actually precious agate beads.

When the people heard the story they went in search of the tree. Instead they found that evil sprits had taken it away and had left strange carvings on the walls of the cave that are there even today.

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