The Tower of Babel

When the world was new, everyone spoke the same language. One day, in the city of Babel, the people decided to build a tower so high it would take them up to Heaven. God thought: “Hmmm. The people think they can do anything.”

So God taught the people a lesson. He gave them many different languages. Then they couldn’t work together and finish the tower. And that is why people speak many different languages today.

7 thoughts on “The Tower of Babel

  1. The Tower of Babel fable presents your God as not omniscient but stupid, not as loving, but selfish and cruel; it contradicts earlier biblical stories about the origin of multiple languages, it presents a scenario opposite of what people would do, and it contradicts what everyone knows about languages; i.e. they evolve and are still evolving.

    This nonsense story is simply an attempt by bronze age man to explain the different languages โ€“ which would have been a real mystery to the ignorant people of the time. It shows that, if there is a God, he isnโ€™t very powerful or very smart.

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