The Tiger and the Woodpecker

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One day a bone got stuck in a tiger’s teeth while he was eating some flesh. He tried hard to remove it but could not. Helpless, he started roaring in pain.

A woodpecker sitting nearby saw the tiger’s discomfort and asked what the matter was. The tiger pointed to the bone stuck in his teeth. The woodpecker promised to remove the bone from his teeth on the condition that the tiger would always give him a portion of his food. The tiger agreed and the woodpecker took out the bone with its sharp beak.

One day, the tiger had caught a fat prey and the woodpecker asked for his share. The tiger refused and said, “You should be thankful that I did not kill you when you entered my mouth.” The woodpecker was enraged at the ungrateful tiger. He struck the tiger in one eye with his beak. The tiger roared with pain and the woodpecker said, “You should be thankful that I didn’t blind both your eyes.”


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