The Thrush and the Swallow

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A young Thrush lived in an orchard with his parents. One bright spring morning, while he was hopping from branch to branch, he met a Swallow.

The Thrush and the Swallow soon became great friends. After flying over the vast orchards and the green meadows, the Swallow would often come to meet his friend, the Thrush.

The Thrush would be equally excited to meet the Swallow. He would hop from branch to branch,e agerly waiting for the Swallow’s arrival.
Days passed and the” Swallow and the Thrush started spending a lot of time together.

One day, the Thrush said to his mother, “Mother, I am so lucky to have found a friend like the Swallow. None of my friends are as good as him.”

The mother looked at the Thrush and said with love, “My Son, there is no bigger fool than you to make friends with a Swallow! Soon, it will be winter and the Swallow will fly far away to sunny meadows and you will be left alone to sit on a cold branch here!”

Your true friend is someone who will stay with you in your difficult times.

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