A poor woodcutter went to the forest to cut wood. He was about to cut an oak tree when a fairy appeared and begged him to spare the tree. The woodcutter was a kind man and did not cut the tree and the grateful fairy granted him three wishes. When he reached home he was hungry. He remembered the fairy and wished for black pudding. At once, he saw a bowl of the finest black pudding in front of him.

The woodcutter told his wife about the fairy but she did not believe him. To test her husband’s words, she wished that the pudding would stick on her husband’s nose. Suddenly, the pudding stuck on his nose! They tried hard to pull it off but it stuck hard. The woodcutter used his last wish and wished for the pudding to come out. The pudding came off and lay on a dish. So though they had the finest pudding for dinner, they had used up all the wishes.

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