The Three Sluggards

The king of Lazyland had three sons. He loved them equally and did n’t know whom to make his heir.

When he was on his deathbed he called his sons and said to the

m, “Whoever is the laziest, will be the king.” The first one said, “Then make me the king

for I am so lazy that if I am lying down and something were to get into my eyes I would not take it out because I have to sleep.”

The second son said, “No, I should be made the king for I am so lazy that if I am lying near the fireplace and the fire is burning my feet, I would not move them aside.”

The third son said, “I am so lazy that if I were being hanged and the rope was already around my neck and somebody gave me a knife, I would rather be hanged than take the trouble of cutting the rope with the knife.” The king realised that the third son was the laziest since he was willing to die so easily and made him the king.

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