The Three Little pigs, the Tomatoes and the Apples

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In a valley lived three pigs and a wolf. The wolf was always schema to eat the pigs. He tried to catch them many times but they always managed to escape. One day, he knocked at the pigs’ door, “Hello, friends! I have come to tell you about the delicious tomatoes in Jack’s farm. Come out! I will take you there,” he said. The pigs replied, “Thank you, friend! Come back at five o’clock in the evening. We will go with you.” As soon as the wolf left, the pigs went to the farm and brought a huge basket of ripe red tomatoes. The wolf was annoyed. But he tried his luck again. “Come, let’s go to the farm to pick apples!” the wolf invited the pigs. We will meet you at six o’ clock,” said the pigs. This time, the wolf arrived at the farm at five o’ clock. But the pigs were already up in the tree. When they saw the wolf, they threw the apples at him and the wolf had to run away.

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