The Three Little Birds

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Once there lived three sisters. The eldest sister was married to the king while the two younger ones were married to his ministers.

The eldest sister was about to bear a child. But the king had to be away. The younger sisters had no children. The jealous sisters threw the newborn boy into the river. When the king returned they said, “Our sister gave birth to a dog so we threw him away.” The king was sad. The second son also met the same fate. The third time a girl was born and this time they said, “The queen is bewitched. She has given birth to a cat.” The king was furious and shut the queen in prison. Three birds who lived on a tree by the river saw the wicked sisters drowning the infants.

Meanwhile, a fisherman brought up all the children who had been thrown in the river. When the eldest son came to know he said, “I will go out and search for our parents.” When he did not return, his younger brother left to search for him but did not return either. At last, the sister said, “I must look for my brothers. They must be in trouble.” She found her brothers wandering in the forest. They all returned home to the fisherman’s joy. One day while hunting, the king met the second son in the forest. The boy took the king to his house. Seeing the king, the magical birds sang the whole story that the fisherman’s children were actually the king’s children who had been thrown into the river. The king was stunned by the song and realised his mistake. He at once released the queen. “Please forgive me, my queen,” he begged her. and ordered for the wicked sisters to be thrown in a well.

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