The Three Feathery

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A king had three sons. Two sons were clever but the third one was so simple that lie was called Simpleton. One day the king said. “The one who brings me the most beautiful carpet shall inherit my kingdom. I shall fly three feathers and you must follow their directions to search for the carpet!” Saying this, he flew three feathers in the air. One son went East and the other, west. But Simpleton remained there. His feather fell on the floor. He saw a trap door beneath the feather and went inside. Simpleton saw a fat toad sitting along with other smaller toads. The toad asked, “What do you want?” He replied, “I want the prettiest carpet in the world!” And the toad gave him a pretty carpet. Simpleton took it to the king and he was made king.

Simpleton’s brothers were jealous and they said, “Father! Simpleton is too simple to rule the kingdom!” The king said. “The one who brings me the most beautiful ring shall inherit my kingdom!” Now, the toad gave Simpleton the prettiest ring in the world. Simpleton’s brothers cried, “Father! Simpleton is too simple to rule!” So the king said, “Bring me the most beautiful woman and you shall inherit my kingdom!”

This time, the toad changed a little toad into a lovely maiden and sent her with Simpleton, The brothers came back with peasant wives. They said, “Father, let’s see whose wife is strongest! The lady who jumps through this ring in the centre of the hall will get the kingdom!” Simpleton’s wife leapt like a deer. while the other ladies broke their legs! Simpleton inherited the kingdom and lived happily ever after.

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