The Three Billy Goats Gruff

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There lived three billy goats who decided to climb a mountain to chew grass. But a wooden bridge had to be crossed to reach the mountain. Underneath it lived a one-eyed troll (giant), who ate up all those who tried to cross the bridge.

The smallest Billy Goat Gruff, (for that was their name), went first. As he stepped on the bridge, the troll shouted, “Who goes there across my bridge?”

“I am the smallest Billy Goat Gruff,” came the reply.

“I shall eat you up,” roared the troll.

“Please wait, for a bigger goat is on its way,” said the small Billy Goat Gruff. The greedy troll decided to let him go.

The second billy goat also told the troll the samething and crossed the bridge. On seeing the third billy goat, the troll pounced on him. But the goat was big and he knocked the troll down with his huge horns and killed it.

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