The Thoughtless Abbot

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An abbot who was very wealthy only ate, drank, and slept the whole day. The priests became jealous of him and called him the “Thoughtless Abbot.” They complained about him to the king. When the king asked the abbot, he replied that he slept the whole day because he had no worries and everything was taken care of by his servants.

The king decided to test him and gave him the impossible task of counting all the stars inthe sky or else he would be beheaded. The abbot forgot to eat and drink in his fear. Finally, his old servant gave him an idea. When the king called for the abbot, the abbot ordered his servant to bring an ox hide. He told the king that there were as many stars as the number of hairs on the hide. And if he did not believe him he could have them counted.

The king was speechless at the abbot’s answer and spared his life. The abbot thanked his servant and made him his steward.

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