The Thief and the Boy

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Once, there was a Thief. He did not feel sorry for his bad deeds. He also believed that he was very smart. Often, he thought to himself, ‘I am the smartest of all. No one can trick me!’B8

One day, the Thief was walking down the countryside, he saw a Boy. The Boy was sitting near a well. The Thief saw that the Boy was crying. The Thief asked him, “Why do you cry, young lad?” The Boy showed him a piece of rope and said, “I came to this well to fill some water. My bucket was tied to this rope. It was made of silver and now it has fallen into the well!”

The Thief thought, `Ah! A bucket made of silver. I shall steal this bucket.’ Thus, he said to the Boy,

“Do not cry! I will find your bucket.” He took off his clothes and jumped into the well. He searched for the silver bucket, but could not find it. As he came out of the well, he saw that the Boy was gone, too. Also, he had stolen all his clothes!

Bad deeds will always be repaid by bad fortune!

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