The Talking Mule

There once lived a farmer who owned a mule. He made the mule work hard the whole week but on Sunday he allowed it to rest. One Sunday, the farmer had to attend a funeral and so he told his son to saddle the mule. When the son approached the mule, the mule said, “Why are you making me work on a Sunday?” The farmer’s son ran away in fright and told his father about the talking mule. The farmer too was frightened out of his wits on hearing the mule talk. The farmer’s wife and the dog were also terrified. “I don’t believe this! It’s the strangest thing that has ever happened,” exclaimed the farmer’s wife. The cat which was sitting nearby listening to them, purred, “What is so strange? Haven’t you heard that a talking mule has entered the country?” Hearing the cat talk too, the farmer’s wife fainted!

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