The Tale of the Brave Cat

Chloe was a little girl. She had no friends but loved animals, especially cats. On her tenth birthday, her father took her to an animal shelter where there were many cats. “You can chose a cat to take home, Chloe,” said her father. Chloe was overjoyed! She hugged her father and said, “Oh! This is my best gift ever.” Chloe liked all the cats at the shelter, but fell in love with a particular cat who had big, bright eyes. “I’ll take her,” Chloe said and named her Star. In a few days time, Star became very naughty. When Chloe was around she was good, but the moment she left for school, Star got down to her tricks. She tore the curtains, clawed the seats, lapped up all the milk in the kitchen and often stole fish. Chloe’s parents were very angry. One day, they told Chloe that they would return Star to the shelter, if she did not learn to behave.

Chloe was very worried, she did not know how to tame Star. Then one day, Star gave birth to kittens. They mewed and waved their tiny paws. From that day, everything changed. Star was no longer a naughty cat. She took good care of her kittens. However, Chloe’s parents were worried now that there were so many cats in the house. Every night when the kittens meowed, her father became very angry. One night. Star cried so loudly that everybody woke up. Chloe worried now that there were so many cats in the house. Every night when the kittens meowed, her father became very angry. One night, Star cried so loudly that everybody woke up. Chloe and her parents came rushing and saw Star running about frantically. Seeing Chloe, Star looked towards the kitchen and Chloe understood that her cat was trying to tell her something. Suddenly, they noticed a huge fire in the kitchen. “Hurry, let’s go out!” screamed Chloe’s father. “But what about the kittens?” asked Chloe. Chloe quickly grabbed Star and one kitten. There was no time to pick up the others and rushed out. But Star wriggled out and leapt back inside the house. Soon the fire brigade arrived. They warned everybody to stay at a safe distance from the house. “Please save my cat. She is inside!” pleaded Chloe. Suddenly, Star emerged with one kitten in her mouth. The firemen tried to stop her but she ran inside the house again. One by one she brought out six kittens, but her last baby was still inside. Star jumped inside as the flames engulfed the house. Chloe and her parents looked on anxiously. The firemen brought out their huge pipes and began spraying water. After almost an hour, the flames died. Everything was quiet, but still there was no sign of Star. Chloe cried inconsolably. She had lost her best friend. Suddenly her father exclaimed, “Look, Star!” Chloe looked up. One of the firemen emerged from the house with Star and her last kitten. Star’s ears and fur were singed and she was limping. “She is a brave cat,” said the fireman. “Indeed, she is,” agreed Chloe’s father. “Her screams alerted us all.” “And she is a star all right!” quipped Chloe as she rushed to embrace her cat. The scared kittens snuggled around their mother, as all the neighbours gathered around to have a look at the brave cat.

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