The Swan and the Goose

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Once a rich man bought a swan and a goose. He put them both in the pond in his garden. The swan was bought to enhance the beauty of the pond but the goose was to be cooked and eaten. Soon, the two birds became close friends and were inseparable.

One day, there was a party at the house and the rich man ordered the cook to slaughter the goose and cook it for dinner. The cook obediently went out to fetch the goose. But the cook was drunk and caught the swan by mistake. He held it tightly in his hands and as he was about to raise the knife to cut the swan’s throat and kill it, the swan began to sing. The cook was taken aback.

It is said that a swan sings a beautiful song when it is about to die. When the cook heard the swan’s beautiful and melodious song he took pity on it and spared its life.

This shows that one can get out of a bad situation by making proper use of words as the swan did.

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