The Swallow, the Serpent and the Court of Justice

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There was once a Swallow, who loved to travel. One day, when the Swallow was on a long journey, she thought, ‘Now I must rest for some time. I will build my nest in this new kingdom.’

The Swallow started to build her nest.

While she was working, a few birds came and told her, “You are building your nest in the wall of B5a Court of Justice. But be careful, this place maybe dangerous.”

The Swallow did not listen to them and kept making her house. Soon, she had seven young nestlings.

Then one day, the Swallow went away to get some food. Just then, a hungry Serpent glided past her nest. He saw the young

nestlings in the nest. The Serpent quickly moved towards the nest from his hole in the wall and ate up the young nestlings.

When the Swallow returned, she found that her nest was empty! Just then a Hare came that way. The

Swallow said to him, “Woe to me, a stranger, that in this new place where all others’ rights are protected, I alone should suffer wrong.”

We should always listen to advice to be careful
and protect ourselves from harm.

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