The Stubborn Pig

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One day, unable to take her stubborn pig back home, an old woman asked a dog to bite the pig. The dog refused to obey her so she asked a stick to beat the dog. When the stick refused to do so she asked the fire to burn the stick, but the fire also refused. Tired, she asked the water to douse the fire, but the water also refused to listen to her. She then ap­proached an ox, a butcher, a rope, and a rat, but none agreed to help the old woman.

Finally, the old woman asked a cat to help her. The cat asked her to fetch some milk in return. The cat lapped up all the milk, and then be­gan to eat the rat. The rat be­gan chewing the rope, the rope started hanging the butcher and the butcher be­gan killing the ox.

The ox started drinking the water and the water fell on the fire. The fire burnt the stick and the stick beat the dog and when the dog tried to bite the pig, it fled to the old woman’s house.

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