The Story of Two Old Woman

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Once, there lived two old women, one was clever and the other a little foolish. Together they had one wrap, one cow and a small piece of land. The clever woman suggested, “Since we have only one wrap, you can use it during the day and I’ll use it at night. Also, the front part of the cow belongs to you and the hind part is mine.” When it was time to harvest the paddy or maize growing on their land, she said that the portion above the ground belonged to her. Now the foolish woman shivered all night. She had to feed the cow whereas the clever woman took all the milk and the crops. The foolish woman was quite unhappy. Seeing her plight, her neighbour advised her to soak the wrap in water, not to feed the cow and also to cut off the roots of the paddy or maize when they were still young. The woman did as she was told. Now, the clever woman shivered at night, the cow kicked her when she went to take milk and all the crops died too. At last she realised her mistake and mended her ways.

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