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puppyThe best friendship day i had ever had ………it was a sunday ….My dad me ,my sis d my bro went out .we told our mom we r goin 4 a dinner but actually we went 2 buy a puppy .we went 2 a place called kakde city where i met seasor d his sis .they both were soooo cute d naughty little puppies ,they could hardly walk but they tried 2 run.we decided 2 take d girl pug so we took d girl pug d went home .my mom was suprised but she did not mind having a dog,d next day my dad thought it will be better if we had a dog d went d exchanged d girl pug d got my sweetie seasor .thats how seasor came 2 us .he became really friendly with us d we loved was a great experience with him .1 year later in nov 11 we all left 4 a tour d as seasor had breathing problem d we did not know HE HAD A PROBLEM he left us .now he is not with us but he always has a place in many people’s heart specially us .TODAY IN MEMORY OF HIM I AM GOING 2 FEED 5 STREET DOGS………………WE ALL LOVE SEASOR……….


11th nov a day i can never forget in my life. it is d day when i lost my bro (my pet)PUPPY MA……..He was my everything ………………he was a real brother ………my only wish now is i want him .there is no one who can take his place .some people might think he is just a dog but he was some one more than a dog.d people who use to get scared of dogs use to like him.he was a very innocent boy .THE BEST DOG,BROTHER I COULD EVER GET. back……LOVE U PUPPY MA/SEASOR…………..I MISS U ……….


By:Karol Pillai

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