A special baby

At Christmas time once, a man named Joseph and a woman named Mary were going to have a very special baby. An angel told Mary the baby was God’s own son! His name was Jesus.


No room at the inn

Joseph and Mary had to go to Bethlehem, a city far away. But when they got there, there was no room for them at the inn.


Born in a barn

The inn keeper told them they could stay in the barn. That night, bay Jesus was born among the animals in the barn!


Shepherds in the field

Nearby, there were some shepherds taking care of their sheep. Suddenly, the sky was filled with angels! they told the shepherds that Jesus had been born that night. The shepherds hurried away to find him.


The wise men

Even some wise men from far away heard of Jesus. God put a special star in the sky to lead them to where Jesus was! They traveled a long time. Finally, they found Baby Jesus.


Gifts to Baby Jesus

The wise men gave gifts to baby Jesus. They knew he was God’s own son because God had told them.

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