The Story of a Monkey

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A thorn was once stuck to the tail of a mischievous monkey. It went to a barber and asked him to remove the thorn. While removing the thorn with his razor, the barber cut the monkey’s tail. The monkey was very angry and said, “Either put back my tail or give me your razor.” The poor barber gave the monkey his razor.

On its way back, the monkey met a woman cutting wood and said, “Use my razor. You will be able to cut the wood easily.” The woman did but broke the razor. The monkey said. “Either return my razor or give me your Wood.” The old woman gave the wood. At some distance the monkey met another woman baking cakes. The monkey said to her. “Use my wood to bake more cakes.” T e woman was very happy but then the monkey said. -Either return my wood or give me the cakes.” The woman had to give up the cakes.

But alas! Before the monkey could eat the cakes, a dog snatched them away.

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