The Stork and the Fox

A clever fox wanted to play a trick on someone. A stork was sitting nearby. He began talk­ing to her and said that he wanted to be her friend. He then invited her for a meal to his home that evening.

When the stork visited his home that evening she was given a saucer filled with soup. The fox had made delicious soup and put it in a saucer knowing the stork would not be able to drink it, as storks have long beaks. But the stork

did not say anything. She couldn’t eat anything but talked to the fox politely and went home hungry. The next day, she invited the fox for lunch to her house.

The stork made delicious fish. When the fox arrived, the stork served the fish in a pitcher. The fox stared hungrily at the food but he could not taste it. He had a thick snout and couldn’t eat from the pitcher. The stork enjoyed the meal while the fox looked on sheepishly and went home hungry.

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