The Sportsman and the Squirrel

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Once a sportsman had injured a squirrel, which was now trying hard to drag itself away from there. The sportsman took pity on it and thought of ending the squirrel’s misery. So he ran after it with a stick.

The squirrel, who was already in pain, soon felt tired and said to the sportsman, “I don’t wish to doubt your sense of compassion though it has come too late. But I wish that you were a little observant so that you could see that right now my greatest wish is to be left alone as I am in this painful situation.”

The sportsman felt very ashamed and guilty on hearing the squirrel’s words. He realised that he had no right to kill anyone even if he thought that it was for their own good. Then the sportsman apologised to the squirrel and hung his head and walked away in shame.

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